Heritage Gardens Cemetery & Building Upgrades

Fundraising Appeal 2022-23

“Your donation will have an impact today, and in the Hereafter.”

Please support the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre’s fundraising campaign with a donation to the Building Something Eternal Fundraising Appeal. Your gift will fund our community’s purchase of 527 burial plots at Heritage Gardens Cemetery as well as upgrades and repairs to our building and premises.  For more information, please click here to view our Campaign Brochure.

Donate your Khums:  The Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre has obtained Ijaaza from Agha Sistani (ra) to use 50% of khums collected towards is fundraising appeal. When you donate your full khums to us, we will forward the Sehme Sadaat portion to Agha Sistani (ra). Please keep us in mind as you plan for your khums distribution.