Facility Rental

Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre arranges rental facilities for schools and small groups. Please fill in the form below and we shall get in touch with you to finalize the arrangements.

Please provide all the requested information. We will process your application as soon as we receive it and we will send you an email confirming your reservation. Please read General Terms and Conditions for Rental of Facility and Mixed Gathering guidelines by clicking here. By submitting this form, you agree to abide by them.


  • Announcements (No Receipt)
    • General (in program): $30.00
  • Rentals (not considered a donation)
    • Senior Room: $75.00
    • Tables in foyer: $45.00
    • Gym sports per hour: $50.00
    • Gym for dinner (4 hours) (chairs and tables available): $500.00
    • An Imambargha/lecture hall (4 hours): $300.00
      • Cleaning fee: $200.00
      • Damage deposit: $200.00
    • A kitchen facility (warm up, utensils, washing): $125.00
    • A kitchen facility (cooking, 8 hours): $350.00
      • Damage deposit: $200.00
      • Cleaning option for private dinner: $350.00


The gym cannot be rented or used during any function held in the Imambarghas/lecture halls. In case a wedding is held on the same day as a scheduled Jamaat function, the above charges would still apply. Aalim is booked separately. Caterer is booked separately (kitchen cooking fee is an estimate of their charge). Volunteers for setup are arranged separately. The Facility Manager books clean up. If clean up is done by yourself, it will be subject to inspection. Volunteers are not provided during private functions – it is the renting party’s responsibility. All rentals are under constant review and may be subject to changes at any time. The Executive reserves the right to refuse facility rentals to any member or non-member.

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