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The Az-Zahraa Islamic Center is currently involved in many endeavors and projects including Islamic lectures
and events, multimedia resources, youth programs, Muharram and Ramadhan lectures and other educational activities. As we look forward to both maintaining our many activities and expanding upon them in order to continue serving our community; we are asking for your assistance and support. Even the smallest donation can help us in achieving both our short and long term goals.

Invest in the future of our community with a small donation towards the Az-Zahraa Islamic Center to ensure our many activities and projects do not end.

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Ramadhan Fund 1445 / 2024 – Iftaar Sponsorships & General Donations
Heritage Gardens Cemetery & Az-Zahraa Building Upgrades 2022-23
Heritage Gardens Cemetery 2022-23
Az-Zahraa Building Upgrades 2022-23
Property Next Door

Islamic Dues

Money for Poor
General Khums
Khums - Heritage Gardens Cemetery 2022-23
Khums - Property Next Door 2022-23
Az-Zahraa Building Upgrades 2022-23
Khums - Property Next Door
Fitra per person is $10.00
Fitra per person is $10.00.
Fidya is calculated at $7 per missed fast (2024) and Kaffarah is calculated at $60 per missed fast.

Prayers and Dua


Other Donations

For the crisis in Syria and Turkey
Funds for day to day operations
Funds for Madrasah
Rental Fees
International Humanitarian Initiatives
Sport Entrance and Registration Fees
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General Fund

Funds collected for Operational Expenses

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