Burial Arrangement & Procedures

What to do when a Death Occurs

Contact the Funeral Committee representatives, Br. Asgar Ladak (604-617-7772) or Br. Mohamed RM Dewji (604-649-0793) as soon as death has occurred.

Please complete and submit the forms below.

Once the Funeral Committee has received the form, it will

• Make arrangements for the body to be transported to the Imambargha.
• Make arrangements for the Ghusal and Kafan to be done.
• Call the cemetery and make arrangements for burial.
• Assist the family in fulfilling its legal and religious duties and obligations.

In addition, please do the following

• Remove any foreign objects that may be attached to the Mayaat i.e. tubes, wires, IV needles, electrodes, catheters etc.
• Remove all jewellery e.g rings, earrings, nose rings, necklace etc.
• Remove any contact lenses and dentures.
• Have the Mayaat facing Qibla. i.e. feet towards Qibla.
• Straightened the hands, close the eyes and mouth, straightened and join the feet. You may use a handkerchief, a cloth or a bandage to do these.
• Notify World Federation and NASIMCO by filling this form. Click HERE to fill the form out.

What to do when Death is Imminent

In a situation when death at home is imminent, the physician will discuss with the family the procedures to follow and will issue a form signed by the physician authorizing the family to contact the funeral services when death occurs. It is very important to follow these procedures properly. Please contact the Funeral Committee and inform them of this situation and have all the information ready. Please review the forms required.

For more information contact the Funeral Committee by clicking [email protected]