After the deceased has been buried, it is recommended to recite Salatul Wahshat. This prayer can be performed at any time of that night, however it is more recommended to perform it after the Isha prayer.

Namaz-e-Wahshat is to be recited once by the wali of the deceased or by someone who has been asked by the wali to perform this salaat.

1st Rakat Sura-Al-Hamd followed by Ayatul Kursi

2nd Rakat Sura-Al-Hamd followed by Sura-Al-Qadr (x10)

After reciting Salaam
Recite “Alla Humma Saali, Ala Muhammadin Wa AleMuhammad Wab’ath Thawabaha Ila Qabri…(read the name of the Marhum).