About Seniors Committee

The objectives of the Seniors Committee of the Shia Muslim Community of B.C. are

  1. To create a sense of belonging amongst its members.
  2. To increase social contacts amongst its members and the community.
  3. To provide a platform for its members to express their needs, requirements and feelings.
  4. To promote and provide an opportunity to its members to make a meaningful contribution to the community by offering their knowledge, experience and expertise to the community.
  5. To provide information, help, guidance and referral services to its members.
  6. To obtain and utilize various facilities and programs offered by all levels of Governments for Senior Citizens.
  7. To provide an opportunity for acquiring further knowledge and skills.
  8. To work towards establishing a retirement home for Senior Citizens.
  9. To organize and/or conduct seniors’ events including seminars, meetings, presentations on various issues relating to health, safety, how to access health and welfare benefits and facilities and similar activities.
  10. To carry out any other activity for the benefit of its members.
  11. To collaborate and cooperate with other senior citizens groups having similar objectives.




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