Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith,

Salaamun Alaykum. We are already in the second half of the holy month of Ramadhan, and we trust that your fasts are going well. This part of the month also commemorates the important nights of Laylatul Qadr, where we hope to spend our time in supplication, contemplation and charity.

“Laylatul Qadr 313” Campaign

In honor of these special nights, the Az-Zahraa Fundraising Team has launched the Laylatul Qadr 313 Campaign. As a community of the 12th Imam (a), who will be praying for us on these special nights of Qadr, we are looking to 313 of you to make a donation to the Az-Zahraa Ramadhan Fund in honor of our Imam (a).

According to most hadith, the number of the first group of companions of Imam al-Mahdi (a) who will miraculously gather around the Imam (a) from near and far upon his arrival – is 313. These companions will be his helpers and assistants. Your gift symbolizes our community’s support and commitment to his mission as well as our wish to be among his first companions.

As well, Prophet Musa (a) once addressed the Almighty saying:

“O Lord, I wish to pass on the siraat (pathway on the Day of Judgment).”

Allah (swt) replied:

“This is granted to anyone who spends in charity during Laylatul Qadr.”

Based on the above hadith, it is highly recommended on the nights of Qadr to give charity. No amount is too big or too small. Your gift supports our Centre’s programs and operational overhead, as well as supporting families in need during these unprecedented times.

Since the 19th Night of Ramadhan, many of you have already responded to this appeal with a gift to the Laylatul Qadr 313 Campaign. Thank you for remembering our Imam (a) and our community in this very special way.

Donating has also become so simple. You can:

· Pledge your amount to Sr. Tahera Rashid or to Br. Taslim Akber; or · Using your phone, text [email protected] , adding your full name and your pledge amount in the body of your message; or

· Donate on-line through or

We thank you for your participation during these all-important and powerful nights. May the Almighty alleviate the struggles of so many around the world and relieve us all of the global pandemic facing us today. May He fulfill your every hajaat and keep you and your families in the best of His care.

With warmest duas,

Shahin Virji & Kaniz Bhimani

Co-Chairs, 2020 Az-Zahraa Fundraising Team [email protected]

To make a donation, or for more information, please contact:

Br. Taslim Akber Trustee, Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre T: 604-418-2144 Sr. Tahera Rashid LMC Treasurer, Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre T: 604-786-0166

[email protected]

Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre 8580 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 2V4