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Donate towards the 2021 Ramadhan fund supporting operating costs and COVID-19 efforts by Az-Zahraa
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1442/2021 Ramadhan Appeal for donations 

Your gift to the Ramadhan Appeal will fund two important areas of needFirstly, our many programs and services, which aspire to spiritually uplift the community, including this year’s Ramadhan program; and our overhead expenses which help make these programs possible. Secondly, part of your gift will also be directed to our Greatest Needs Fund to benefit individuals and families. This is a special fund that we have set up to ensure that we are ready to support the greatest needs as soon as they arise. This fund will give our Centre the flexibility to provide that support quickly for urgent and unexpected needs families may face.

Your donation to the Ramadhan Appeal goes further when you sponsor an evening program:

Please consider sponsoring our Ramadhan evening programs. This year, due to COVID-19, these programs will be held online again. While we will not be able to provide Iftaar, we ask for your support by sponsoring one or more of these spiritual programs in memory of your loved ones or as a gift to the Ahlul Bayt (a). These spiritual programs include Quran Khani, Ramadhan Du’as, and the main lecture at the very least.

You can sponsor a Ramadhan program in any of the following ways: